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Monday, 6 July 2009

Class Acts exhibition, Holden Gallery, MMU

Above (the work as I imagined it when displayed)

One Person's Trash.... (2009)

(Collection of 11 ceramic and paper altered plates: Monoprint, collage, lazertran.)

'As a collector of discarded ephemera sourced from car boot sales, charity shops, flea markets, ebay and my grandma's cupboards I have over the years accumulated shelves of objects. Often cheap, kitsch, usually originating from the 1950s/60s and always worn, used, chipped and fraying, these things are my treasures. Sentimental, nostalgic and bearing a patina accumulated from years of human handling and attic dust, the stories attached to these things resonate in my work. The layers within my collages are representative of the various stages of an object's life from production to circulation. Each china cup, glass ornament, wooden peg, tin box, plastic toy has had more than one owner, originates from across the globe and has ended up on my shelf in Norway Street. It seems fitting therefore that the representations of these objects retain their domestic identity by displaying them in frames and upon the surfaces of second-hand plates hung in a traditional domestic fashion.'

(Unfortunately the folks at MMU didn't actually hang them on the wall at all which kind of took away from the concept a bit and meant that my lovingly crafted caption made no sense. Oh well, I suppose they were lacking wall space, they did however secure them to plinths with some serious straps so there was no chance of them falling.)

Friday, 3 July 2009

Maker's Palette

After discovering Lazertran (a really effective transfer medium) I have applied some of my monoprints and drawings onto both paper and ceramic plates ready for the Maker's Palette exhibition at MMU. I'm pretty happy with the results although inevitably there are some that I like more than others. My favourite is probably the Sweeney Todd plate as it reminds me of that amazing scene in the film where suddenly the screen is filled with colour, in total contrast to everything that comes before and after. I also rather like the second seaside plate mainly because it gave me an excuse to include a candy stripe paper bag in the collage. I'm a little obsessed with these bags, they are just so joyful. As for other folks, well they seem to like the teacup plate the best.

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