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Sunday, 6 June 2010

Franz Ferdinand

Another poster completed this week, this time for Franz Ferdinand. The idea bizarrely came from the artwork for the Grizzly Bear album Vekatimest or at least the artist who created it William O'Brien. With his work in mind I began playing around with some lino and making rather crude triangle prints on different surfaces. I also wanted the poster to have a kind of Russian Constructivist feel to it as a nod to this Franz Ferdinand album cover. I also had in mind an image of lots of close-up eyeballs, one for each member of the band repeated over and over. Anyway after a few false starts and a bit of experimentation I finally reached a conclusion which sort of has a few of all these elements in it.

First attempt (below) which took me about 20 minutes to make. Speed is never the sign of a good poster so I scrapped it.

Another experiment (below) with lino and collage, making eyelashes for the eyes using the triangles.

Final poster before text and colour adjustments (below)

Final poster (below)

Friday, 4 June 2010

J.Mascis and the Fog

Current poster for J.Mascis and the Fog completed. When I began I had in mind a kind of Wild-West 'Wanted' poster. What I actually ended up with was a bit different but hopefully has a similar feel without being a cliché. Anyway to start with I drew each band member and applied a sepia filter to each one in Photoshop. I used a found image of a picture frame to place each one into and added some handmade text. I liked the idea that there was a bit of a hierarchy within the band, what with J.Mascis being a bit of a legend due to the success of his main band Dinosaur Jr. and with the other members of The Fog regularly changing. I don't know if this really comes through but I'm pretty happy with the results all the same.

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