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Monday, 13 December 2010

Rub the Sleep Out New Year Party

Another poster commission for the Rub the Sleep Out night at Big Hands, this time to advertise their New Years Eve Party. This was definitely a bit of a tricky brief as there seemed to be quite a few things going on. Not only did it need to refer to the usual Rub the Sleep Out night that the regulars would recognise but it was also being temporarily re-named Rub the Xerox Out to honour the guest - Dj Xerox. It doesn't end there, there was also a drag party theme going on at the same time. Initially I must have come up with around five different designs before realising that I was possibly over-thinking it a bit and needed to simplify things somewhat. I decided that the drag theme could be represented by showing my original Rub the Sleep 'boy and girl' but have their jackets so that the boy was wearing a pink one and the girl a blue.

First version (below).

Final version (below). Hopefully I got everything in there. The now hopefully very recognisable Rub the Sleep 'boy and girl' characters, the usual paisley fabric and the Xerox reference using a new contrasting font so that it stands out as a change to the usual line-up.

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