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Sunday, 21 June 2009

Bored on a Sunday

More monoprinting fun.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Organised chaos

I thought I'd post about my work space as it plays a really important role in the creation of my work. I have to admit this is not in any way because I actually make my work there but purely because it's somewhere to store all my 'arty stuff'. It was never meant to be this way, in fact I spent a long time getting this room just right, however for some reason I seem to be able to create in every room in the house but this one, most often when sprawled across the living room floor. Oh well, I still like to spend time in there, looking at my collections and re-discovering random objects that were dumped there and forgotten. Rather ironically I have this James Brown postcard (below) in a frame, placed optimistically on my desk; I think it may be time to relocate it downstairs.

On the wall: Framed 'Sounds From the Other City' posters by Manchester based illustrators Mount Pleasant. Extremely treasured framed black and white photo of my mum at her desk at Cussons where she was a secretary in the 60s.

Sindy, Flat Eric and the blue one from Sesame Street.

Ancient beloved bureau with cubby holes to store little things.

My Grandma's old chair that is undergoing a very, very slow transformation, I'll finish it one day I'm sure. Original 50s curtain that hung in my Grandma's first house in Salford that my mum recently found in the loft.

Friday, 12 June 2009

Maker's Palette

Collages and monoprints produced for the Maker's Palette project. Quite happy with the results but also thinking about taking it a step further and possibly transferring them onto other surfaces.

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