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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Rub the Sleep Out

Horray I've had a commission! I have been asked to make posters and flyers for a club night at Big Hands called 'Rub the Sleep Out' (great name). The music is a mixture of retro, new and weird tunes and hosted by two guys Jolan and David. They have given me pretty much free reign on how to approach it, in fact the only condition was that there must be a triangle somewhere as this is their trademark. The results are below.

I started off with the idea of what a typical Rub the Sleep Out-goer might look like, male and female. I was then thinking about how I could incorporate the triangle and imagined them maybe wearing monogrammed shirts until I came up with the idea of them in customised jackets. I made it so that the jacket was tight on the boy and baggy on the girl as though they were wearing the same jacket. Once the outlines were complete I scanned in a swatch of sixties paisley fabric and added that to create a connection between the two.

Previously the posters for the night had been quite surreal or psychedelic so I thought I'd keep to this feel by having the two characters staring out into a triangular sunset. David particularly wanted the text to have a similar feel to that seen on this Flaming Lips album cover. Once it was all put together I added an additional layer in Photoshop that subtly came through to make the poster look a bit more aged and vintage.

Poster in-situ at Big Hands (below)

We have talked about possibly making t-shirts to sell on the night. This is a mock-up of how I envision they may look (below).

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