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Monday, 25 October 2010

Rub the sleep Out Birthday Bash

The boys at Rub the Sleep Out approached me again, this time they wanted a poster advertising their 1st birthday party. There are going to be four bands playing on the night so each band needed to appear on the poster. I decided to include my Rub the Sleep 'boy and girl' in the poster as this should help to attract the regulars who may recognise them from the main poster. The balloons seemed like an obvious choice given the celebratory tone of the night and gave me four convenient spaces to fit the names of the bands into.

First attempt at a design for the poster (below).

Detail of the balloons (below).

Final poster (below). I included the paisley fabric which also features in the main poster, again to keep some consistency and make sure that attendees recognise any future posters. The lilacy-plum colour in the background acted as a good base for the other brighter colours to stand out from.

You can read more about the event on Last FM here.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Mark Lanegan

Below is my Mark Lanegan poster in various stages of completion. Although I don't normally like to use found images of the musicians I've been making posters about I couldn't resist this photo as I knew it would make a fantastic drawing. It also really captures the utter coolness of this giant of a man.

Original photo (below) found somewhere on the net? Unfortunately I can't seem to find it anymore to link back, apologies to the photographer.

Drawing (below) made from the photograph. When working from a photo I try to work quite expressively and don't attempt to draw every part allowing for some negative space. This also helps as it allows some room for the all important text.

Drawing with some parts of the original photo collaged back into the drawing to provide some contrast (below).

Finished poster with textured layer in background to add 'grunge' (below).

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